Image of water pouring into a sink bed

Last time we talked about the possibility of having a slab leak and how much of a pain that can be. If you live in Orange County, you have the advantage of California’s Repipe Specialists. We are able to do whole home copper and PEX repipe installations. Our expertise does not end there however, we are Anaheim’s premiere slab leak and drain pipe replacement specialists. If you think that you have a slab leak or some other problem underneath the slab or foundation of your home, give us a call and we will send out one of our technicians for a free estimate.

Drain Lines

On the subject of drain pipe replacement, it is one thing to think about the water pipes coming into your home but how does that water get out? Your drainage system is equally as important. Let’s say that you and your family have an amazing dinner prepared by your daughter. It is an amazing night with good times and family. You load the dishwasher and sit down to some cake and ice cream. You walk to the bathroom and find toilet has overflowed, along with the drain in the utility room, pushing up sewage into your home. This is what happens when your drainage system is compromised by damaged and clogged drain pipes. Yuck.

Drain Evaluation

If you have anything like this happening in your home, make sure that you call Repipe Specialists for a comprehensive drain evaluation. Drain issues can cause a myriad of problems for you and the health of your family. Pipes deteriorate, pipes can break and fill your home with harmful odors. Clogged or broken drain lines can cause unpleasant things like molds and flies. You may not even know that you need a drain line inspection. If your home is older it is probably a good idea to have it checked. If you think that you need a drain line replacement please call today and take back the health of your home.