We've got the right pipe building tools


We have talked a lot about residential plumbing and some of the issues encountered, but what about a large commercial building? Now I am not talking about an airplane hangar or a building on that scale but what about a modestly sized car lot with a small shop in the back? A business is just as important to monitor for plumbing issues as your home. PEX repiping is a cost effective option for your Orange County business. For a business in need of an infrastructure upgrade, our qualified technicians can run PEX in more “creative” ways because of its flexibility. Intrusion will be minimal for your business and the work can be completed within a few days. Our installation experts are adept at creating the least amount of hassle for our customers.

An often overlooked portion of a commercial building is the drain system. A commercial drain system can be subject to all sorts of unexpected abuse and a drain repipe may prevent a costly issue in the future. Drains can backup and create havoc if not properly functioning. At California Repipe Specialists we can evaluate your specific needs. There may be multiple inlets to a drain in a commercial setting and it could be an issue down stream from the affected area that is creating problems. Depending on the age of the system we may recommend a drain repipe to coincide with a PEX or copper repipe. For questions or concerns regarding your business or commercial operation, please give California Repipe Specialists a call for a free estimate.