1. Image of a pipe partially buried underground

    3 Causes of Slab Leaks

    In our previous blogs, we have addressed a series of items related to slab leaks, as they can be a common plumbing issue in Southern California homes. In one blog, we talked about tips to know if your house has a slab leak. The next blog we addressed more ways to look for a slab leak. In our last blog, we talked about getting your slab leak fixed, but also needing to find remediation if there is w…Read More

  2. Image of copper pipes on top of a house's schematics

    Untouched Slab Leaks Create Larger Damage

    Slab construction is very common in California, especially the southern part of the state, near Anaheim. Many homes don’t have basements, instead, they are built on a flat slab of concrete that sits on the surface of the ground. In order for the plumbing to go from the ground to the home, copper pipes are typically run through the slabs. When that copper pipe starts to leak, it creates a slab le…Read More

  3. Image of Slab Leak

    Finding a Slab Leak Doesn’t Have to be Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

    You may be surprised to hear is at least 80% of slab leaks are hot water leaks in Long Beach or Orange County homes. Most of the time the water from a slab leak will soak into the foundation and the ground first, so it may be a while before it is detectable on the surface. To save you money on repairing the damage from the water leak, there are many ways to check for a water leak, specifically a s…Read More

  4. Image of a crack in slab concrete

    Tips for Finding a Slab Leak

    Water can do an incredible amount of damage over time. In nature, gigantic boulders split by the ice or eroded away by a constant drip. The same goes for your home and your foundation. Water leaks can erode your concrete foundation slab if left unchecked. Here are some ways you will know if you have a leak in your home that may be affecting your foundation, called a slab leak. Water Bill A higher…Read More

  5. Image of a complex piping system with hydronics

    Indoor Radiant Heating Existed Long Ago and Has Since Been Perfected

    Radiant heating has been around since the inception of indoor heating. Around 1000 B.C., sometimes multiple hearths were used to heat the home. The idea was used that the closer to the fire the warmer the temperature, so if there were two hearths, it would warm the space (and the floor) more quickly. In addition, around this same time, there is evidence in Korea for a type of baked floors, showing…Read More

  6. Image of three PEX piping tubes

    PEX Repiping Will Save You Money on your Home Repipe

    PEX piping has carried some controversy with it as its use has become more prevalent in the US. The benefits of using them outweigh any negatives as they are more durable for interior use, they are cheaper to install and they are corrosion resistant, making them last more than 75 years. All of these benefits far exceed that of its copper counterpart for water pipes. They are quiet too, whereas cop…Read More

  7. Image of a shiny T-shaped copper fixture

    How to Know your House Needs a Repipe

    Repiping a house can be costly, but there are some good reasons to do it. If you own a home with old, dilapidated plumbing it can cause much more damage than anticipated, so having the repipe done will help save money in the long run. It will also raise the resale value of the home. A buyer will see the new pipes and be thankful that someone else took the time to handle the costly upgrade. The hou…Read More

  8. Image of traditional looking house with picket fencing

    Repipe your House with PEX Pipes

    When waterlines develop leaks or breakages, you may decide this may be a good time to repipe the house with PEX piping. It has been used since the 80s in the United States, and has revolutionized the plumbing industry. It doesn't corrode or freeze like steel or copper plumbing it is more flexible so it doesn't require the same installation process as the copper piping with welds and joints. There …Read More

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    Get a Double Benefit with a Repipe Plumber from California Repipe Specialists

    Customer service today can make or break a customer returning to a service provider. The experience in dealing with a company can be either bad, mediocre, good or excellent. Some companies don’t worry themselves with customer service, they do their work and let the work stand. Others don’t care about either, only catching whatever profit they can from the first-time and unsuspecting customers …Read More

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    Nailing down a Cause for Pinhole Leaks in Copper Piping

    Pinhole leaks in copper piping can wreak havoc on a house or building if they’re not caught and fixed. Tiny dripping leaks can become bigger breaks in the pipe resulting in gushing water. This in turn can cause water damage behind walls and in crawl spaces. It can also breed mold and mildew which would create health problems. If not handled properly or in a timely manner, it can lead to a raise …Read More