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For the past couple of months, our country has been placed in a stay-at-home order to help minimize contact and the transmission of this illness — especially to those at risk of serious complications. Now that we have seen some improvements in the control of this illness, the country is beginning to ease industries and workers are easing back into their schedules to be able to provide economic stimulus.

Like many other businesses in the area, our team at the California Repipe Specialists are working to provide advanced and expert repiping services to our clients in the Orange County area along with LA County. We have spent a lot of time preparing how to continue to provide these services while still keeping all parties involved safe. Read on to learn about some of the precautions and methods we will be implementing into our business practices while we are still in this uncertain battle with COVID-19.

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment, also known as PPE is one measurement that has been used and praised by workers in other industries, including the medical industry. This typically includes items and actions such as a mask, gloves, and sanitization.

While operating in the world of COVID-19, the California Repipe Specialists will be adhering to this standard and all workers are expected to wear PPE when at the job site or clocked in. We hope that this implementation will help keep our employees and consumers safe while still being able to properly and effectively complete the job.


In addition to personal protection equipment, the California Repipe Specialists are taking a huge step towards combatting COVID-19 with our sanitation practices. Each day, and especially in between jobs, all of our tools and equipment will be heavily sanitized and wiped down. We hope that this helps build trust with clients and continues to minimize the potential spreading of the disease.

Safer At Home

Our employees and the full team are still following the stay at home orders when not at work. We understand that the ability to work in these times is a privilege and not a right. That is why we are not taking any chances of risking our ability to contribute to society by allowing staff to not adhere to the stay at home order.

Any employees that are caught not following this order will not be allowed to work for our company, as we are only keeping safety in mind.

Thermometer Checks

Before entering a worksite or clocking into work, all employees will be checked for a fever each day. We provide thermometers to get a reading of our staff and will send home anybody who reads a temperature in the fever threshold. We hope that by ensuring our employees are not feverish, this will help keep all parties safe during any work or consultations.

Managing the Numbers

The California Repipe Specialists are implementing measurements to determine how many people are needed to effectively complete a job in a certain time frame. We are also limiting the number of people who are actively on a job site at once.

We understand that limiting the number of workers in one place might mean that projects have a slightly slower turnaround time, but we also realize that limiting this number will also increase the safety levels for our staff and consumers. Again, we only have safety in mind right now, so this is the best decision for the time being.

Contactless Communication

As part of the fight against COVID-19, there has been a 6-feet distancing guideline placed across the nation. Whether you are in a grocery store or outdoor public field, keeping 6-feet of distance from others has been a helpful and proven method to minimize risk and exposure to the coronavirus.

The California Repipe Specialists plan to adhere to these guidelines when working with our clients. We are offering “contactless estimates” for our clients, which means you never have to be within 6-feet of a crew member. We can discuss things over various outlets such as the phone or video calls, and we will never break the 6-feet rule in an attempt to show or demonstrate any of our value.

Safer Repiping With the California Repipe Specialists

We are tougher than this virus, smarter than this virus, and dedicated to making a difference while staying ahead of the illness. If you need repiping services during this strenuous time, consider our team to safely and effectively complete your job to full satisfaction. If you are hesitant, that is okay. The uncertainty of every aspect is overwhelming, but we are sure to help alleviate all the fear you have related to safety and contact. Contact us today to set up your FREE contactless estimate!