We redo your copper piping

Repipe Specialist California presents a few facts about copper:

Why do we use copper pipes as our plumbing material of choice? Simply put, copper is ideal for repiping because it’s effective and it is relatively cheap. Let’s explore a few reasons why copper leads the piping market:

Copper Is A Natural Product

Copper is an element, and it’s readily available in nature. Copper deposits exist around the world, and it’s one of many natural Earth metals that we depend on.

Copper Resists Corrosion

Corrosion would destroys pipe structures, since water can cause oxidization. That would be bad news for the plumbing world, since we rely on pipes as a semi-permanent plumbing solution.

Copper Is Rather Rigid, Requiring Little Support

Since copper holds its shape – especially in tube form – pipes don’t need a ton of support to stay in shape. Long lengths of pipe can remain straight without bowing or warping.

Copper Resists Bacteria

Bacteria shouldn’t be in your water lines. Copper is resistant to pesky bacteria, and that gives us peace of mind. Clean water shouldn’t danger our health, and copper helps to keep us safe.

Copper Will Not Combust

Copper isn’t a fire hazard, since it is non-combustible.

Copper Resists Warping Due to Heat Changes

Copper maintains its shape even if piping hot liquid surges through it. That’s crucial because hot-water copper pipes undergo heat changes often!

Copper Piping Can Be Buried

Unlike PEX plastic piping, copper is appropriate to bury underground. Since copper is non-corrosive, it takes decades to dissolve within the Earth. Moreover, copper’s rigidity comes into play here as well. Copper maintains its shape under pressure, so the weight of the Earth on a buried pipe won’t cause pinching.

If you’re curious about plumbing, PEX, or copper, call the pros at Repipe Specialist. We’ll cure your curiosities about the plumbing biz!