With time, pipes are affected by elements that lead to rust, corrosion, and ultimately disrepair. Although, it should never get to the point of disrepair. California Repipe Specialist is here to save you. With us, you no longer have to be worried about leakages or sewage collecting under your home. However, before tragedy strikes, it would be important to look at the following telltale signs of when you need to upgrade your plumbing.

Discoloration of Water

Discolored water should be cause for alarm unless you use well water. This dark or brown water results from corroded pipes, with rust being left behind as water flows through them.

If this is left to continue, pipes may be clogged by the mineral deposits leading to pressure buildup. Continued pressure causes pipes to burst, leading to damages. Contact us immediately if you suspect corrosion or rust.

The Pipe Material

Subject to when your home was constructed, different types of materials were used for your plumbing system. The most recent systems use copper, brass, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes, whereas cast iron, galvanized steel, and lead were used in older buildings.

However, all the plumbing products have lifespans that help you assess whether or not an upgrade is needed. For example, cast iron, galvanized steel, and brass have life spans of up to 100 years; copper has up to 80 years, while PVC piping has a 45 years lifespan.

Gauge from Exposed Pipes

For houses built more than 60 years ago, there is a chance that somewhere in your home, the pipes are exposed. Checking the accessible pipes for flaking, discoloration, or bumps can provide you with insight into the pipe conditions throughout your home.

What Are the Perpetrators?

Back in the day, galvanized water piping provided a cost-effective piping method for structures. However, galvanized water pipes have the issue of internal rusting and corroding as time goes by.

Particles of contaminants like zinc and rust flow into the drinking water and clog the pipes restricting water from flowing to fixtures. A copper repiping specialist helps to ensure your water remains clean and flows faster to fixtures. In addition, with copper plumbing, you never have to worry about internal clogging or corrosion like in galvanized piping.

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The malfunctioning of your house’s plumbing can result in significant property damage. Pipe connections and piping usually fail due to poor maintenance, age, extreme temperature fluctuations, low-quality installations, or faulty components. Knowing failure indications can help you as a homeowner to know when replacing your copper pipes is necessary. Contact California Repipe Specialist for help in failure assessment and replacing copper pipes anywhere in California.