Image of copper pipes on top of a house's schematics

Slab construction is very common in California, especially the southern part of the state, near Anaheim. Many homes don’t have basements, instead, they are built on a flat slab of concrete that sits on the surface of the ground. In order for the plumbing to go from the ground to the home, copper pipes are typically run through the slabs. When that copper pipe starts to leak, it creates a slab leak.

The Elusive Slab Leak

We fix slab leaks

Slab leaks can be hard to find, but they don’t have to be if you know what to look for. When they are caught early, the fix will be fairly cut and dry with a copper repipe. If you don’t find the slab leak for a while, it can create some issues in your home. Water damage from the leak can come into the house and saturate flooring, drywall and studs.

Mold is Possible

Take care to call a repipe specialist to come in and fix the leak in the copper pipes. When the repipe is done, take steps to remediate any other damage that may have been caused. Prolonged moisture can lead to health-endangering mold growing in your home. Just allowing the area to dry or spraying the area with bleach won’t make the mold go away and it can start regrowing with any moisture, causing major health issues.

California Repipe Can Help!

California Repipe Specialist can help with the copper repipe for the slab leak in Anaheim or Orange County. Contact us at the first sign of a leak or water inside your home. We can get you fixed up with a copper or PEX repipe.