Image of a crack in slab concrete

Water can do an incredible amount of damage over time. In nature, gigantic boulders split by the ice or eroded away by a constant drip. The same goes for your home and your foundation. Water leaks can erode your concrete foundation slab if left unchecked. Here are some ways you will know if you have a leak in your home that may be affecting your foundation, called a slab leak.

Water Bill

A higher than usual water usage on your water bill or a big change in the amount used each month. You may also notice a change in water pressure.


The smell of mustiness. You may also find that there’s mildew or moisture in or under flooring. This may show up as “squishy” flooring or bubbles under linoleum, cracks in your tile floors or damp carpeting. If your foundation isn’t finished with flooring, you will likely be able to see or feel the dampness coming through.


You may hear the sound of running water when there is no water turned on. You can also check your meter when no water is running and see if it shows activity.

A slab leak may show up as a shift in your foundation, causing cracks in your walls and floors.

Do your best to identify the source and contact a plumber to come in and fix any broken or leaking pipes. They can identify if you have a slab leak and fix it properly. California Repipe Specialists, serving Long Beach and all of Orange County, has your back. We can do the work correctly so you don’t have future problems.