Image of several copper piping fittings

In Southern California, like the Anaheim area, there are many reasons a home would need a copper repipe. Here are a few you may watch out for.

  • Copper piping, when installed correctly and without exposure to corrosive elements will last up to 50 years. At 30 years, about the same time you’re getting a new garage door or roof, it’s recommended you have your home’s plumbing inspected to ensure your plumbing is still in good condition.

  • Pinhole leaks are a common problem when there is corrosive materials in the water flowing through the pipes. These can be isolated incidents (and may be patched or sealed up) or they can affect all of your home’s plumbing over time, causing multiple pinhole leaks.

  • Pipes freezing is another good reason to get your copper pipes replaced. Let’s be honest, this is a rare occurrence in Southern California, but it does happen. Sometimes burst pipes can be patched, but if the integrity of the pipe is gone, you’ll need to get at least a section of the line replaced.

  • If you have galvanized pipes, get rid of them and repipe your home with either copper or PEX.

If you find any leaks, characterized by mold, moisture, mildew or gushing water leaks, contact us at California Repiping Specialists to come out and evaluate the situation. We can give you a free estimate and decide what work will need to be done. We repair plumbing in both residential and commercial locations. We are fully bonded and licensed and we guarantee all our work for life.