Image of tankless water heater

Keep drains clog free by replacing old pipesWe have discussed the operation and advantages of tankless water heaters. California Repipe Specialists are experts in whole home copper repiping and in aging plumbing issues. Contact us with all of your questions about tankless heaters and options for your home. Now let’s explore some disadvantages of a tankless water heater.

Disadvantages of a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters, for all of their advantages, are not without their drawbacks. The one major issue with the tankless option is the ability to keep up with demand. Let’s say that your teenage daughter has to wash her hair for 25 minutes every morning, at the same time, it is laundry day. Turn on the dishwasher at the same time and a tankless heater will not be able to keep up with the demand.  The issue is in the distances, which is also a drawback with a storage type heater. If your shower is farther away from the heater it makes sense that if the washing machine is closer, the hot water will divert to that first. The solution to this problem is to install an additional tankless water heater.

Correct the issue.

In order to correct this issue, it brings up a major hurdle for your average homeowner, cost. Tankless water heaters are substantially more expensive than tank storage heaters and installing a second water heater decreases the likelihood that the heater will ever offset the cost of installation. The thing to remember is that technology is changing and in the future, tankless water heaters may be the rule instead of the exception.