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We are your repipe specialistsI once bought a dozen eggs and went on vacation. No, I did not take the eggs with me on vacation. The beaches of Panama were incredible and there were monkeys! Monkeys aside, the eggs in my failed natural gas refrigerator began to create an odor which smelled like natural gas. Now this situation was the perfect storm because my natural gas refrigerator had stopped working due to the age of gas pipes and the rotten eggs inside. I returned to my home and did not think anything of it until I opened the refrigerator. The blast of rotten-egg smell hit me square in the face and made me a little dizzy. It dawned on me that it was natural gas and I ran out of the house screaming. It was the right thing to do but I wish I had worn pants. It was clearly time for a call to the copper repipe specialists at California Repipe.


Turns out the refrigerator had failed but the safeguards on the refrigerator worked and did not allow the gas to leak into my home. I called California Repipe Specialist and they recommended a complete gas repipe. My home was nearly fifty years old and built with materials that are sure to have corroded by now. The corrosion works its way into the appliances like my refrigerator and destroys the natural gas system. An expensive proposition when you have to keep replacing refrigerators. I decided it was time to follow the recommendations of California Repipe Specialist and have a complete gas line repipe done on my home. The experts came in and my piece of mind was restored. Newer materials mean that my home will be safer and less susceptible to a catastrophic explosion. So give us a call today and see what we can do for you and your aging pipes!