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When waterlines develop leaks or breakages, you may decide this may be a good time to repipe the house with PEX piping. It has been used since the 80s in the United States, and has revolutionized the plumbing industry. It doesn’t corrode or freeze like steel or copper plumbing it is more flexible so it doesn’t require the same installation process as the copper piping with welds and joints. There are many more benefits for using PEX piping.

Superior to Copper

One major benefit is to use it in your water pipes to replace the copper pipes if pinhole leaks are a problem in your house or commercial building. This revolutionary material will not develop pinhole leaks and some may argue in favor of avoiding repiping with copper after a history of pinhole leaks. After all, most of the research suggests that the cause of pinhole leaks could be from the chemical makeup of the elements in the water, meaning the new copper pipes are likely to develop holes again in the future from pitting corrosion.

Baby Steps

As opposed to having your whole house repiped at the same time, you have the option to replace each line individually as your budget allows or as the lines need to be repiped. A licensed plumber can advise you as to how best to proceed in your situation. Every situation is different with varying factors to take into account. Call California Repipe Specialists at 866-202-4901 for a free estimate. We serve Anaheim and the 562, 626, 714 and 949 area codes.