Image of a piping fixture with water spraying out of the sides

When it comes to our homes we usually think of upgrades as cosmetic. The things like new siding, new windows or even a new addition. Remodeling can add value to your home and it is a common upgrade that people tend to do to their homes. The thing that does not cross most homeowners mind is the plumbing infrastructure. At California Repipe Specialist we know plumbing and what is involved with a repipe of your home. Let me explain a bit more.

The Remodel

Your plumbing is similar to your electrical system in your home but is often more neglected. Think about it, we are so dependent on our electrical system in our homes for things like computers, cell phones and televisions. If something is not working correctly we will more than likely find a way to fix it, and fast. How many times have you noticed that your bathtub isn’t draining or your sewer is starting to smell? Probably more than you would like to admit. Now, many times these problems are easily corrected with a pipe clean out but the fact of the matter is, pipes age just like anything else.

Aging Pipes

If your home is getting older, chances are, the pipes are in need of at the very least, a few repairs and possibly a complete repipe. As we talked about previously, a common upgrade to a home is things like a bathroom or kitchen remodel. These boost value and the aesthetics of your home but how often are the pipes considered during a kitchen or bath remodel? That is where we come in California Repipe Specialist is your copper repipe specialist serving Orange County. When you are considering a bath or kitchen remodel give us a call and do it right. We will replace your aging pipes with either copper or PEX piping and you can rest easy knowing that your piping infrastructure is secure. Call us today for a free estimate.