Repipe with our plumbing experts

If you’re considering refinishing your basement, you may require the plumbing skills of the pros here at California Repipe Specialist. We’re experienced at cutting and reshaping the direction of your pipes to fit the new programming of your house. Unfinished basements are often not ready to be finished as is. Therefore, piping has to be moved to accommodate for specific rooms, and new piping will likely be installed to fit your bathrooms fixtures.

Repiping for Your Basement

Finishing a basement can be ideal for an expanding family, or those of us looking to add some value to the old abode. But initial piping in a basement is often placed inconveniently, and you may need to utilize our repiping services. If your current basement piping interferes with the basement you desire, it can be moved or rebuilt! Often, a finished basement requires that we cut and refit piping so that it may fit into existing rafters or walls that will be built.

New Plumbing for a Basement Bathroom

If your basement isn’t outfitted with appropriate plumbing to suit your desires, call on our plumbers. We can ensure that your basement is appropriately routed for hot, cold, and waste water piping to ensure that you can install bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets, or whatever fixture that suits your fancy.

Remember, it’s our job to ensure that your plumbing is operating perfectly. As your copper, PEX, and gas repiping and plumbing specialists here in Orange County, it’s our duty to ensure that your home has clean hot and cold water throughout the year. Call on us if you need a piping upgrade, or for our other plumbing services!