Image of worker using a pencil and protractor on materials

You know those home improvement shows with the really attractive people that flip homes and appear to do the work themselves? They tear apart the homes to the bare walls and thirty minutes later — a brand new home! This has sparked a trend of ordinary guys and gals buying homes and tearing into them, only to find out that it costs a massive amount of money to get the homes to look like they do on the program. Now, we know that most of you out there truly have an interest in doing things the right way and that is what California Repipe Specialists is all about, providing extremely high quality repipe services that will stand the test of time. Not only do we do whole home recipes, but we are experts at gas line replacement and drain replacement; and don’t forget about the dreaded slab leak, we have you covered on those too. When you decide to do a remodel to your home there are two things you need to remember:

  1. It is going to take longer than you anticipate
  2. It is going to cost more than you thought

When planning a remodel, it is critical that you remember these two points throughout the process. That way, at the end you will not pass out from shock at the bill. Of course, that may be a bit cynical to look at a remodeling project that way but be prepared for it to not go like it does on TV.


The timeframe of your renovation is important for two reasons. One, because your home will be torn up and that is incredibly inconvenient, and two, contractors generally hold a pretty tight schedule when it comes to scheduling out their jobs. The worst part about timeframes is that if one little thing goes wrong, the whole project will be that much further behind, that is what they do not tell you on the TV shows. Many times the show will begin with the extremely attractive host searching for a house to renovate. They may or may not have a family lined up to live in the home but there is inevitably a crazy deadline. (TV loves deadlines.) Something seemingly impossible like a whole home renovation with outdoor water feature in a week. Now we all know that is impossible but boy does it make for good TV.

Timeframes on these shows can be deceiving and the work going into the home is not necessarily fake, it’s just that, much of the prep work has already been completed. For instance, many of these old homes will need a complete repipe from the drain to the showerhead. A contractor like California Repipe Specialists will come in and tear out all of the existing plumbing and replace it with shiny new copper or PEX piping. Now, you can bet that watching someone do a repipe on a home is not as dramatic as building a gazebo with a built in aquarium, so that part is generally left out of the show. It is already done by the time the hosts begin their build. Not to say that all of these shows feature unrealistic timelines but if you have ever found yourself on the couch midway through a HGTV binge, you start to believe the superhuman feats these hosts can pull off.


As we said before, your remodel is almost guaranteed to cost more than you had anticipated. On TV, the host will settle on a home and many times we really don’t know the price. In the cases we do, it seems like a bargain. Keep in mind that most of these homes that are being renovated are almost always fairly sound to begin with and not a lot of infrastructure needs to be replaced. The plumbing and electrical are almost always either repaired or replaced before the “official” renovation begins. The materials these hosts use are generally not as expensive as they would be for the rest of us. This is where sponsorships come in to play. If you have watched any more than ten minutes of these home improvement shows, you know that they have some pretty big sponsors, the most prominent being the big box home improvement store. Much like a NASCAR driver, these hosts plug the store and in return are pretty much gifted with inexpensive materials. Your home remodel will cost more because you aren’t sponsored by a hardware behemoth. There are also the little things that happen during a remodel that were not anticipated, say for instance you get the wall knocked out and discover your aging pipes have been leaking for years. A repipe is the best solution in this case, as if one pipe is leaking, chances are there are more hidden somewhere.

Thanks for joining us today on California Repipe Specialists Network and tune in next week when we finish our discussion of reality versus television remodeling. Hey, that sounds pretty good, maybe we will make our own show. On second thought, maybe not.