Image of traditional looking house with picket fencing

Do you suspect an issue with your plumbing? Well unless you are thinking about that drip in the middle of the night, there is probably nothing to worry about. That is assuming your home is fairly new. The age of your house plays a large part in determining if you need to call an Anaheim repiping specialist for your plumbing, but just what is it you want to look for? Well we have seen in the media lately that all sorts of issues can arise from aging infrastructure. The rule of thumb is to keep your senses engaged with everything that is going on with your plumbing system. Does the toilet flush as it should? Does it ever sound like water is running when things are quiet? Is the pressure in the shower more than a trickle?

Repipe For Peace of Mind

If you answered these questions honestly and cannot recall the last time you had a plumbing issue, then everything might just be ok. That being said, if your house is older than the 1970’s it probably not too far from the tipping point of minor to major issues. Patching lines will only repair flow and contamination issues at that one individual spot. A complete copper repipe may be the safest alternative for your home investment and your family. California Repipe Specialist  can offer many alternatives and are repiping specialists. We can revitalize the plumbing in your mid-century bungalow or funky sixties condo. We are experts in residential repiping and can help you decide the best course of action. Call for a free estimate today!