Image of an old stone sink

A gas leak is a dangerous prospect for any homeowner. It is little things like a natural gas explosion that can keep a person awake at night. I say “little things” because we have all seen the after effects of a natural gas explosion on the news and it’s not pretty. So how can you enjoy that vacation to Mexico without worrying? Call your California Copper Repipe Specialists for a gas line inspection and recommendation for repair.

Is Your Infrastructure Aging?

A common problem with older houses are the advances that we have made in building materials. It is kind of like when tents were made of animal skins and we eventually moved into huts made with mud bricks. So, maybe it is not that dramatic, but the materials of 40 years ago were perceived to be indestructible. It’s hard to blame the materials though, everyone felt indestructible 40 years ago. The problem is, we have found the flaws in those materials (gas piping in particular) and it may be time for a gas repipe if your house is over 40 years old.

How Would You Know?

Let’s say you have doubts about your gas line system. We have discussed the proper way to react if you are suspicious of a natural gas leak. Be sure and check it out here before you light that candle or decide to smoke a cigarette. Assuming that you do have a solid set of pipes it is always good to have your infrastructure checked out by the professionals. So don’t wait, give California Repipe Specialists a call today!