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Pinhole leaks in copper piping can wreak havoc on a house or building if they’re not caught and fixed. Tiny dripping leaks can become bigger breaks in the pipe resulting in gushing water. This in turn can cause water damage behind walls and in crawl spaces. It can also breed mold and mildew which would create health problems. If not handled properly or in a timely manner, it can lead to a raise in your homeowners insurance premiums. Finding leaks can be challenging, but it can be done early. If you detect the leaks and have your home repiped with copper, you may wonder how this type of leak happens in the first place.

Aging Pipes

The majority of pinhole leaks happen in older homes that haven’t had their piping replaced, although it can also happen in newer faulty pipes. The pinhole leak happens after pitting corrosion has degraded the inner wall of the pipe and has broken through. Much research has been done on what causes the pitting corrosion and it boils down to the makeup of the water flowing through the pipes (hard water, soft water or cold, soft water with a high pH) or of the velocity of that water flowing (the faster, the more likely to cause corrosion). Because there are so many factors, these causes are not absolute, but they result in the majority of cases.

It Might Not Be Too Bad

There are occurrences of pinhole leaks in copper piping that are limited to one area of the pipe. If your pipes get one or two, it doesn’t mean all the pipes in your home need to be repiped. If you are in need of a copper repiping, find a licensed plumber to determine the best route for fixing the leak. Sometimes it doesn’t always require repiping, but just a patch to save you money.

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