Image of a crack in slab concrete

This is the last blog in the series about slab leaks. Homes in Southern California suffer from slab leaks and with the tips from our earlier blogs, and your diligence, you will know how to look for and identify slab leaks early on to avoid further damage to your home. Slab leaks are a common problem in homes even though copper piping is rated to last for 50 years when under ideal circumstances. Some of the causes come from a lack of structural integrity, either through poor installation, movement of the foundation or seismic movement, however other causes are more internal and come from chemical reactions.


Slab leaks are a headache

Copper piping can experience corrosion when it is exposed to elements in either the water within the pipes or exposure to harsh water and soil externally. Either way, these elements cause the copper to deteriorate and weaken. The chemistry of the water flowing through the pipes will influence whether the home’s copper pipes last or they deteriorate. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid this most of the time, especially when chemicals are added through city water purification process create corrosion. When the pipes are corroded at the entrance of the home through a concrete slab, there can be a slab leak.

California Repipe Specialist Can Help!

Contact us at California Repiping Specialist if you suspect you have a slab leak. We can come to your home in the Anaheim area and inspect and repair the problem with a copper repipe so you won’t have to worry about extensive damage to your property and make the repairs needed to have your copper piping last for years to come.