Spring cleaning project Featured Image

We can talk about the weather all you want this time of year, but summer is back and the days are numbered for you to get things done. Generally, people do some sort of spring cleaning. You know, clean under the refrigerator, scrape the cobwebs out of the corners, and maybe even clean out that coffee pot. One thing we do not generally think about when we are pulling the broken pieces of spaghetti from under the stove is the health of the drains and piping infrastructure of your home. We generally tend to not even think about the drain, the water pipes, or the gas pipes, we just let them stay as they are, not even realizing that they may be in need of some serious attention. At California Repipe Specialists we are called repipe specialists for a reason and we can drastically change the way your plumbing system functions.

Accepting The Limitations of Age

Most of us that are over 40 can see a drastic difference in the way we feel as compared to 20 years ago. The knees start to get a little sore, the eyes may need a little help, and if you are lucky, your hair has stayed put. Most of us have not been so good with the routine maintenance of growing up and may begin to show a little spare tire around the middle. Yeah, getting old is no fun and if it is hard on you, what do you think it is like for your pipes? The drain line, in particular, is subjected to the worst of it. Aging pipes can take a lot of abuse for a long period of time but, much like your knees, will need a replacement one day.

Over The Edge

The repairs begin innocently enough. A new union at the drain line, a new p-trap under the sink, a new flexible line on your gas pipe; all of these are indications that you are a prime candidate for a whole house repipe. When repairs start adding up over time they are going to start costing a lot to maintain. Sure you can fix your plumbing system here and there but keep in mind you are only adding new parts to an already taxed system. It will continue to break in spots near the repairs. This can be particularly dangerous when you are dealing with gas leaks. The integrity of gas pipes can degrade over time and once you have a leak you should consider a gas line repipe. Gas escaping into your home can create a catastrophic situation and as a reminder, if you smell gas or a rotten egg smell, leave your home immediately.

It Is Not Too Late

If you are counting back the years and your plumbing has been around longer than the Simpsons, never fear, it is not too late. A repipe can cure all of these issues that have to do with age and make your home feel like it is 1984 again. Which is more than we can say for your knees.

How Do We Do It?

Many of our clients are hesitant to commit to a whole home repipe because they think it is something that should be done during a remodel or renovation. We can attest that a repipe can be done at any time, with limited disruption to your daily routine. It all comes down to the skill of our installers. We only employ the best plumbers in the business and make sure that they are highly trained before going into your home. Our crews are expected to make your whole home repipe experience a pleasant one and that means cleaning up after the job is complete. We also employ professional drywall finishers that will make your walls look as good as new when the job is complete.

It’s Time To Get Started

While a whole house repipe can seem like a daunting prospect, when in reality, our team of plumbing specialists makes it much less painful than getting out of bed in the morning. We offer a full range of repiping options and can make it easy for you to choose which material you would like to go with. PEX is our flexible plastic piping that is ideal for repipes and upgrading older homes that have been upgraded in the past. Copper is the standard in the industry and will increase the reliability and safety of your water lines. The issue with old pipes is that they may contain lead, which we all know can lead to development issues in children. No matter if you choose PEX or copper pipe for your home, the professionals at California Repipe Specialist can make the installation a breeze. If you are ready to have your home repiped, contact us and our team will be in touch to discuss exactly what you need for your home. Make a commitment this spring to repipe your home.