Image of a pipe partially buried underground

It has been an emotional journey. The late nights worrying about if and when things were going to fall into place. That’s right, you just bought a home, and the anxiety-filled evenings are not over yet; in fact they are just beginning. There is always an element of the unknown when you buy a house. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict that a twenty-year-old pipe had a flaw when it was made and now has let go underneath your slab. The repair experts at Repipe Specialists do much more than simply copper repipe services, we fix slab leaks.

Slab Homes

It is an indigenous issue in Orange County that lots of homes are built on slabs, not to say that there is anything wrong with slab homes. That being said all homes that we build on the planet Earth have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. Slab homes happen to have the disadvantage of pipes buried directly under the home’s foundation. Homes with a crawl space or a basement have their plumbing systems fairly accessible and if there is a problem it is generally much easier to find. If you have a slab home and are not sure what to look for we would be happy to come in and inspect your plumbing and recommend a plan of action.

Watch the Signs

Let’s say that you received an extremely high water bill and it is clearly a situation that requires some investigation. The first step is to call and make sure that the water meter is working properly, because wouldn’t that be the best possible situation if it was only a faulty water meter? The cruel truth is that many times the culprit is a slab leak. Which means that you need to call in the experts at Repipe Specialist of California we will get your plumbing back in order. Call today for a free estimate!