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dreamstime_xxl_28925851The news these days is full of stories of compromised water sources. It seems that all over the country, a new water related red flag is popping up somewhere. The implications that the quality of the water being provided by the municipalities of this country are substandard, is almost a daily occurrence. How much stock should you put into media reports that water contamination is rampant? Well, we have seen that water can become contaminated and health problems could be the result. With the technology available today, why would you not take advantage of the opportunity to provide your family with clean, safe drinking water?

How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

dreamstime_xxl_29724158The major issue with the crisis in Flint, was the fact that the infrastructure was very old and the pipes that used to carry the water to homes was made of lead. Now, lead has been used for water pipes for hundreds of years, all the way up to the 1980’s and lead exposure was implicated in birth defects and developmental disabilities. It is the same as when we found out that lead based paint was creating some of the same issues. The decision was made to do away with lead paint altogether and the use of lead paint, and the dangers associated, dropped to nothing. As you can see, the issue with underground water pipes is a bit more problematic than those of lead based paint. Lead pipes that were installed in the early part of the 20th century are much harder to rip up and replace. Generally the water treatment plant make the water less acidic so lead will not leach into the water. But as you can see aging pipes are the main cause.

How Do You Know if Your Pipes Contain Lead?

dreamstime_12256370If you are not sure if your pipes are made of lead or not, the best way is to call a knowledgeable contractor like California Repipe Specialists. We can identify instances where lead pipes can be possible in your home. If lead pipes are found, the most effective way to ensure that your home is free of the danger is to do a complete repipe. We are your local experts in copper and PEX whole home repiping. Considering the risks that lead pipes carry, a repipe is the best way to mitigate that.

Lead From Other Sources

What if the lead making its way into your home is coming from another source, like the pipes feeding water into your home? If that is the case, write a letter or call your local water company. But it is an issue that can be dealt with through filters. It is advisable to install a water filter in your home anyway as it can filter out the stuff that might have made its way through at the treatment plant. If you have an issue with lead, make sure you install a water filter with a certified lead removal feature. We are able to install all sorts of inline filters, heaters, and water saving devices at the time of a repipe. It is up to you on the features you choose to be included with your repipe.  

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That might seem like scary stuff but it is actually more common than you think. Localized contamination of drinking water with lead can happen from many different sources. So protect your family with a copper or PEX whole home repipe from California Repipe Specialists. Contact us today for a consultation and a breakdown of our process. Don’t wait another year with those old, aging pipes, do something about it by contacting Anaheim’s own, California Repipe Specialists.