Graphic of Plumber Giving Thumbs Up

Customer service today can make or break a customer returning to a service provider. The experience in dealing with a company can be either bad, mediocre, good or excellent. Some companies don’t worry themselves with customer service, they do their work and let the work stand. Others don’t care about either, only catching whatever profit they can from the first-time and unsuspecting customers and pocketing what money they can. Neither of these are companies that will garner repeat customers at the same rates as businesses that strive for good work and good customer service and fitting into that excellent experience.

Plumbing Done Right

With plumbing, as a customer, this is one of those areas you want an excellent experience. Because of the necessity of properly working plumbing, you want to know that the work will be done quickly, expertly and, most importantly, cleanly. Sometimes the work requires the plumber to go in through the wall, ceiling or exterior surface, creating an unsightly hole. Some plumbing companies only do plumbing, creating the need for you to not only fix the plumbing, but also have a drywall or flooring specialist to come in and clean up after. This can make for even more stress and expense for the homeowner or business owner. Avoid these problems and call California Repipe Specialists for this problem and any future.

We Treat You Like Family

California Repipe Specialists is a family owned, fully bonded and insured Top Rated Local® Repiping plumber and we serve Anaheim and the surrounding areas. Our plumbers are trained to leave your space patched and looking as great as it originally did. We specialize in repipes for water (with copper or PEX), drains and gas. Corrosion can lead to damage in your residential or commercial property. If you need work done, contact us and we’ll get you an estimate for free. All of our work is covered by a lifetime guarantee.