We redo your copper piping

Pinhole leaks happen in copper pipes and though the name says they’re small, they can still cause damage to your property. These little leaks can cause water to seep into drywall or insulation and cause mold and water damage if the water doesn’t dry out. This has the potential to cause health problems for those residing in the home. Pinhole leaks can be difficult to know if your house has them, read in a previous blog about how to identify pinhole leaks in copper pipes.

Thankfully, they can be fixed with a relatively quick and cheap solution. Plumbers can patch these pinholes with a bit of welding. This will remedy the leak and reinforce the pipe at that spot. Sometimes, the copper piping can be riddled with multiple pinhole leaks. When this is the problem, the fix becomes more extensive. In this case, that line can be repiped with copper. This would be the next cheapest option for fixing pinhole leaks.

One concern about repiping with copper is when all or most of the plumbing in the house or building shows evidence of having pinhole leaks. While it might be the certain batch of copper that was weak in production, it’s more likely this might be a sign that the minerals in the water are causing the pipes to deteriorate and weaken. At this point, you may consider using an alternative to copper. PEX and PVC are two options for your repipe that you may want to look at if this is a concern. Neither material will deteriorate or be affected by the minerals in the water. If you live in the Anaheim, Orange County area, Repipe Specialists of California can help evaluate the situation and figure out the best fix for your home.