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Copper pipes have been commonly used as water lines within residential construction since the early 1970s. While they are reliable pipes and have a long life, they can develop leaks. The most common leak in a copper pipe is a pinhole leak. As a homeowner, you may be concerned if you find evidence of water leaks or damage. If you have older copper pipes, you’ll want to be aware of what to look for and check your pipes from time to time for assurance that your pipes are sound.

To identify a pinhole leak:

  • Take a flashlight and look at exposed copper pipes to see if there is any moisture on the pipes.

  • Look at the pipes, also, for any greenish spots away from the joints. This will indicate there have been small leaks.

  • Look for any solder points in between the joints. If there the copper pipe has these it means there have been pinhole leaks in the past.

  • Be aware of any moisture on walls, wet flooring or ceilings. If you do find one or more of these, find the source of the water.

  • Have the plumbing inspected by a licensed plumber every few years.

  • In the case that you’re purchasing a home, have a plumber look over the pipes to see if there is any issue before buying.

Despite their size, pinhole leaks have the potential to weaken pipes and cause huge damage down the road if not repaired.  If the problem is extensive, your plumber may talk to you about a copper repipe for that line or your whole house to insure the plumbing problem won’t cause damage to your home. Call your local Anaheim plumber at Repipe Specialists of California to see what it will take to fix your plumbing problem while it’s still small.