Image of copper pipes on top of a house's schematics

Last time we talked about the potential benefits of repiping your home for sale. But what if you don’t want to sell your home and are more interested in fixing it up? Many people do not realize exactly how bad their piping infrastructure actually is, particularly if your home is more than 30 years old. Regardless of what your pipes look like on the outside it may be a whole different story when looking at them from the inside. As much as you hate your beige 1990s counter tops you would probably be surprised to discover that your pipes are even worse on the inside. The low water pressure, off-colored water, and slow drains are a direct result of aging pipes.


Many a homeowner has set out to do a remodel of the two most popular remodel spots in their home and completely neglected to change out their plumbing. In case you are wondering, the two most popular remodel areas are the bathroom and the kitchen and the common thread that they share with each other is the extensive plumbing infrastructure. These are also the two places in your home that are the most affected by issues that come from aging pipes. Many remodeling projects are cosmetic when they should include the piping as well. Sure those granite countertops look amazing in the light of your victorian sconces and next to your new stainless steel toilet, (because granite and stainless steel is king right now), but none of the cosmetic touches will increase your water pressure and drain efficiency.  

That is where California Repipe comes in, a remodel is a fairly invasive procedure to do properly in your home and it is the perfect time to have us come in and repipe your home. We have extensive experience and can meld it as seamless as possible into your existing remodel project. We offer repiping in copper and PEX piping and both are far superior to the materials they had in the 1960s and 70s. That drain that took forever to drain? That is probably an issue with the drain pipes as well as the drain out to either your septic system or the city sewer. We are experts at replacing the pipes within your home as well as the drains leading out.


One of the best parts about getting your home repiped is the upgrades available. The sheer number of options that can be added during a repipe is staggering. Of course there are the regular upgrades that everyone thinks of, like a new water heater or a toilet with bluetooth, but what about the latest and greatest plumbing gadgets? Ok, we know the bluetooth toilet is probably going to be on the top of the list.

Water Heaters

Your water heater is like one of those British guards with the hat that looks like a giant black Q-tip, silently waiting in your basement, providing you with hot water whenever your heart desires. Okay maybe that is not the right visual but you get the idea. Of course a water heater has a lifespan and when that time is over it is catastrophic; as in the whole thing usually fails and dumps water all over the floor. Once this happens there is no going back and the whole thing must be replaced. It would be great if there were an alternative to the hulking tank in your basement that, like a bomb, you never know when it is going to go off. Well these days you are in luck that technology of heated water on demand, with no holding tank is a reality. They can be mounted either at individual faucets or a larger device that actually takes the place of your water heater. All easy to do when you are doing a repipe.

Graywater Reclamation

The thing about using the water we do every day is the inevitable waste that comes from showers, laundry, and cooking. It would be great to be able to use this water on your yard, would it not? Luckily there are many great resources online for what is becoming a fast growing trend. Most of the graywater, not meaning toilet water, that many households use on a daily basis is not contaminated enough to not be used again. Much like a septic leach field, a graywater system is buried in your yard and feeds the water to your lawn or garden. Of course it does not need to be buried and plumbing modifications need to be made but it is a great way to utilize what ordinarily be flushed right down the drain.

Bluetooth Toilet

This brings us to the crown jewel of bathroom upgrades, the bluetooth toilet. Next time we will discuss how a bluetooth toilet can become the ideal upgrade during a repipe, it may become another member of the family! Check back soon for more weirdness from California Repipe Specialist! And be sure and contact us if you have any questions about repiping your home.