Repiping is our specialty

California Repipe Specialists know that many people don’t have money to throw into unnecessary home repairs. We do want you to stay healthy and get the most out of your house, therefore, it’s imperative that your water pipes are functioning to their full effectiveness. Since most pipes are covered with walls or floors, it’s important to know how to identify a problem early on so you don’t end up with bigger issues. This series will help you to identify the need for copper repiping as soon as possible.

Yellow Water…

The first sign it is time to repipe your house is when the faucet is turned on, the water is odorless, but is yellow or brown in color. While this doesn’t look appealing and may have a metallic flavor, but will not make a person sick if ingested in small quantity. It’s most likely a deposit of iron and manganese in the water. The iron causes the reddish color that may cause a ring in your toilet or sink. This is common in older houses or residences that have sat dormant for a lengthy period of time.


It may also cause other problems like staining clothes, dishes and porcelain when they’re washed. In addition, vegetables cooked in iron and manganese rich water may turn a blackish color. Tea and coffee may also taste off, if made with this water.

If you have yellow or brownish water, contact us today to have one of our technicians give you a free estimate. Should your pipes need to be replaced with copper pipe or another of our options, we take pride in performing the work quickly and cleanly, leaving you with functioning water in your house as we work.