Image of a pipe partially buried underground

In our previous blogs, we have addressed a series of items related to slab leaks, as they can be a common plumbing issue in Southern California homes. In one blog, we talked about tips to know if your house has a slab leak. The next blog we addressed more ways to look for a slab leak. In our last blog, we talked about getting your slab leak fixed, but also needing to find remediation if there is water damage inside your home from the slab leak. You may still be wondering what causes slab leaks.

Because homes in the Anaheim area are mostly built by slab construction, with the copper pipes going through the slab, there are a few significant reasons the pipes would fail or break that are specific to the construction of the home, thus requiring a copper repipe.

  • Poor installation—when a pipe is kinked, dinged or forced into the position during installation, it can create a slab leak over time.

  • If the pipe is laid too closely to an abrasive substance—with the expanding of the pipes as they heat and cool, the abrasion can create weak spots in the pipe’s sidewall, causing a leak.

  • Ground movement—earthquakes can put stress on the piping or move them close to the abrasive surface of the slab, causing them to crack or break.

If you see any of the signs of slab leaks from our previous blogs, contact us at California Repiping Specialist so we can come and inspect your pipes and do a copper repipe if you have a slab leak or other plumbing issues.