Keep drains clog free by replacing old pipes

Don’t risk the health of your family and yourself! Inoperable or leaking drains can be a serious health risk to you and yours. Ensure that your home is kept sanitary with drainage piping that is operating at its best. If you don’t, you risk damage to your health and the health of those in the structure, and you risk major damage to the structure itself. Use your local repiping specialists here in Orange County to ensure that your drain pipes are up to date!

On Health Risks

Drain pipes connect directly to your sewage line. A backup or leak in your drainage pipes essentially exposes your home or business to that sewage. Sewage bacteria can easily become airborne, and end up within our systems. Sewage bacteria is especially dangerous because it is very prolific and prevalent; sewage is an ideal home for all sorts of nasty pathogens.

On Structural Risks

A leaking pipe or overflowing drains can cause serious damage to your building’s structure, and much of the property inside. A leak or an overflow can cause sewage to seep into floors, walls, and your material possessions. Moreover, leaks and overflowing pipes that go unattended can lead to mold. Mold and wetness can completely squander the integrity of your home’s structure. Wooden framework and drywall are meant to be kept dry. Wetness and mold can cause permanent damage to structures quickly.

If you have pipes that are old and full of stagnant waste, or if you have piping that is leaking, it’s time to call in your professional repiping experts here at Repipe Specialist California in Orange County. We’ll replace your pipes with cast iron piping that’ll last your building through decades of service.