1. pipes sticking out of wall

    How to Know When You Need Repiping Services

    Get Repiping Services in Paramount, California GET IN TOUCH Repiping services involve replacing faulty pipes in a home or building to maintain water quality and to support an improved flow. Repipe Specialist California provides long-lasting repiping services in Paramount, California. There are several indicators that can help you know when your pipes need replacements. Learn more about those signs…Read More

  2. cracks in concrete floor

    4 Tips to Detecting a Slab Leak

    Have you ever experienced your water bill increasing at a rapid rate? Slab leaks are the most common type of leak in residential homes. Slab leaks occur when water finds its way through cracks and crevices in concrete slabs, pipes, or joints that run underground. Slab leaks can cause significant damage if left untreated because they often go undetected for months or years before being found. Lucki…Read More

  3. When to Replace Copper Pipes in California

    With time, pipes are affected by elements that lead to rust, corrosion, and ultimately disrepair. Although, it should never get to the point of disrepair. California Repipe Specialist is here to save you. With us, you no longer have to be worried about leakages or sewage collecting under your home. However, before tragedy strikes, it would be important to look at the following telltale signs of wh…Read More

  4. What Is the Cost of Repiping a House?

    The lifespan of pipes inside your house is limited. With sewer and water lines getting old, it is not a surprise to see the pipes corroded. Though the early corrosion signs are hardly noticeable, replacing the old pipes before holes and cracks start forming is important. This is why you need the services of an expert like the California Repipe Specialist. We help you identify corrosions early and …Read More

  5. Should You Replace Your Copper Pipes with PEX Piping?

    When you think of plumbing infrastructure, the material that most commonly comes to mind is copper. Copper piping has actually been used in plumbing applications for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egyptian civilizations. It’s certainly a tried and true method of delivering water and gas throughout your home (and we’re highly-experienced in working with copper at California Repipe S…Read More

  6. Image of water glass being filled at a sink

    COVID-19 Operation Structure

    For the past couple of months, our country has been placed in a stay-at-home order to help minimize contact and the transmission of this illness — especially to those at risk of serious complications. Now that we have seen some improvements in the control of this illness, the country is beginning to ease industries and workers are easing back into their schedules to be able to provide economic s…Read More

  7. Image of multiple pie styles behind one wall

    Comparing Different Repiping Materials And Types

    Just like most things in life, piping will not last forever. After years of wear and tear, the piping in your home or commercial facility will be due for a new pipe fitting. Piping is used in the home for a variety of purposes and uses. Piping helps with the intake and outflow of water, assists in draining fluids out of the property, and allows gas to flow through for appliances or heating element…Read More

  8. Image of red valve in an entanglement of piping inside a facility

    How Proper Plumbing Can Save Your Business Both Time AND Money

    Leaky faucets, faulty toilets, and broken piping can become the difference between your business crushing its goals, or falling short of the prize. Because these problems might seem minuscule in comparison to most daily activities of the business, most people are often quick to overlook them and brush them under the rug. However, these same small issues can be the negative aspects shown by reviewe…Read More

  9. Do you need a whole home repipe Featured Image?

    What is a Whole-Home Repipe and Do You Need One?

    If you own a home, the list of improvements you would like to accomplish is probably extensive. The most popular home remodels are the kitchen and bathroom, and every year, thousands of homeowners rip apart their kitchen and bathrooms, installing new sinks, faucets, and trendy backsplashes. Maybe the backsplash has an alternating pattern of seashells or cowboy boots, regardless you will more than …Read More

  10. Spring cleaning project Featured Image

    Make a Repipe Your Spring Cleaning Project

    We can talk about the weather all you want this time of year, but summer is back and the days are numbered for you to get things done. Generally, people do some sort of spring cleaning. You know, clean under the refrigerator, scrape the cobwebs out of the corners, and maybe even clean out that coffee pot. One thing we do not generally think about when we are pulling the broken pieces of spaghetti …Read More