1. We repipe copper plumbing and more

    What You Should Look For in a Repiping Specialist

    Hiring the right repiping specialist could mean worlds of difference. Poor technicians may leave leaks that can seriously damage your home over time. On the other hand, a proper repiping specialist will get the job done right the first time. Here are a few things to look for when you’re shopping around for the right technician for your repiping job: Licensing & Insurance Technicians need to …Read More

  2. We redo your copper piping

    Why Do We Use Copper Pipes?

    Repipe Specialist California presents a few facts about copper: Why do we use copper pipes as our plumbing material of choice? Simply put, copper is ideal for repiping because it’s effective and it is relatively cheap. Let’s explore a few reasons why copper leads the piping market: Copper Is A Natural Product Copper is an element, and it's readily available in nature. Copper deposits exist aro…Read More

  3. Image of PEX Piping

    The History & Process Behind PEX Pipes

    PEX piping is a new advent in the world of plumbing. As a matter of fact, PEX was developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In this article, we’re going to talk about the history of PEX piping, and the manufacturing process behind this phenomenal product. In the late 1950s, scientists developed a polyethylene structure with strong connections between individual polymer chains. These chains mu…Read More

  4. Image of Pipe Sculpture

    Turn Your Scrap Pipe into a Sculpture!

    If you are looking to turn your old copper pipes into an interesting project after a copper repipe in your home or business, consider creating a copper sculpture. Sure, you might not have welding tools and cutting tools for your old copper pipes, but there are a couple of projects I would highly recommend which only involve bending your old copper piping. Just remember, bent copper piping is liabl…Read More

  5. Yesterday’s Plumbing and Today’s Solutions

    California Repipe Specialists - your gas line, copper, and PEX repiping specialists - present a brief history of plumbing… The Dawn of Plumbing The advent of true plumbing - that is liquids transported via manmade piping - began as far back as 2700 BC. In that era, the populous of current-day Pakistan, and parts of India, began using simple plumbing, with the help of mere gravity, to transport w…Read More

  6. A Brief History & Facts About Natural Gas

    Gas leaks are a dangerous event.  Gas is explosive and toxic.  Natural Gas, although odorless in its raw form, is given a dose of t-butyl mercaptan - a skunky eggy smell - in order to warn us of unseen hazards. It’s facts like this that are important to understanding a dangerous tool like natural gas.  So let’s take a further look at the facts and history behind natural gas. It's Completely…Read More

  7. PEX Pipes or Copper?

    With innovations in the last few decades, and the unveiling of PEX pipes, plumbers are beginning to install PEX piping as often as copper piping.  This begs the question, do I use PEX or copper piping?  Let’s look at the pros and cons of copper and PEX pipes... Copper is Good Here are some of the pros of utilizing copper pipes.  Copper comes with notable durability, can be exposed to sun, and…Read More

  8. Enjoy the Money-Saving Benefits of PEX Piping in your Home or Office

    Finding ways to cut corners and save money on plumbing when you’re upgrading or renovating a home can be challenging. One way to save money is to look at the cost comparison of a PEX repipe versus a copper repipe for the cost of the supplies and the cost of installation. How PEX is sold With PEX repiping, there is no need to fit the pipes together because it is flexible and is generally sold on …Read More

  9. The Many Reasons Your Home May Need a Copper Repipe

    In Southern California, like the Anaheim area, there are many reasons a home would need a copper repipe. Here are a few you may watch out for. Copper piping, when installed correctly and without exposure to corrosive elements will last up to 50 years. At 30 years, about the same time you’re getting a new garage door or roof, it’s recommended you have your home’s plumbing inspected to ensure …Read More

  10. More Causes of Slab Leaks

    This is the last blog in the series about slab leaks. Homes in Southern California suffer from slab leaks and with the tips from our earlier blogs, and your diligence, you will know how to look for and identify slab leaks early on to avoid further damage to your home. Slab leaks are a common problem in homes even though copper piping is rated to last for 50 years when under ideal circumstances. So…Read More