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PEX repiping is clean, efficient, and provides your home with a quiet water system. PEX systems have been used for over 35 years and are rated to last 50 years. Talk to our repiping experts and see if PEX repiping is an option for you!

If you have low water pressure or old galvanized pipes, you may need a copper repipe. The copper we use is of the highest quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee*! Hire the best repiping experts in the industry, California Repipe Specialists! *Contact us today for full guarantee details.

If you continue to experience clogged drains, drain leaks or you smell odors coming from your drains, you may need a drain repipe. Let California Repipe Specialists get to the bottom of it!

If your home is over 40 years old, you may need a gas repipe. Gas pipes corrode over time and this can lead to unsafe lines. Contact us today to inspect your gas lines and give you an estimate on a gas repipe.

About Us

Since 1995 California Repipe Specialists has been a family owned company. Building customers for life, we offer a full line of repiping services from residential, commercial, and industrial. We repipe all water,drains and gas. We are fully licensed, bonded, worker's compensation and liability insured. If you have any questions, feel free to call one of our Repipe Experts at California Repipe Specialists and get your FREE ESTIMATE today!

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Why Us?

Our goal is to provide our customers the highest quality craftsmanship and materials with each repiping we do. Our services are backed by a complete customer satisfaction guarantee and our specialists maintain the highest industry standards. California Repipe Specialist maintain high standards and ensure that every customer is happy with our work. We're always available before, during and after your project is complete. Please call for full satisfaction guarantee details.

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